Optimize Websites with Social Media Marketing Services in Calgary

Focusing solely on back links is not the only SEO methods you need to use to fully optimize your website. Social media is playing a much larger role in the ranking results users find through search engines. Our social media optimization company offers proven solutions for expanding your current site content across multiple online platforms to achieve the best results and increase traffic to your online business.

Our social media marketing services Calgary team of experts has spent countless hours researching and developing proven methods following all current best business practice standards. These methods involve incorporating your online content with popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and more.

With the popularity of social media sites changing on a regular basis, our social media services are continuously being updated to reflect the current trends. You can relax knowing your online content is properly managed in an effective and efficient manner to constantly deliver the results you demand. We understand the complexity of back links and integrating social media solutions for the best SEO results.

Delivering Valuable Social Media Services

Our goal is to add value to your content with our social media services. In a recent study conducted by Searchmetrics, it was discovered the factors used to rank sites using SEO have changed. The most important optimization factors are being influenced by social media. While back links still is in the top 10, along with quality of content and technical factors, the other seven were based entirely on social media factors.

Our social media optimization company regularly monitors studies, like this, to be proactive in ensuring our clients’ content meets all current optimization guidelines. Factors like number of tweets, social media site likes, shares, comments, and number of friends drive the credibility of your content. While it can be easy from some online businesses to focus on quantity of these social media aspects, it is important to remember the numbers are directly influenced by the quality of the content.

The Link between Social Media in Calgary and SEO

Social media optimization relies upon SEO and SEO depends on social media. This might sound confusing, but in reality the relationship makes sense. Search engines use complicated algorithms and indexing to provide search results. These results are pulled using keywords and phrases, as well as back links to your site.+

Let’s say users shared content from your website on Facebook. Several of their friends liked the content and also shared it. Now the number of back links to your site has grown because of social media. These back links are considered credible sources which make your content reliable and increases your search rankings.

Using social media to drive traffic to your online business has to be a shared user experience. You have to allow users the ability to share you content and comment on it. This feedback is becoming one of the driving forces behind new product development, marketing campaigns, and other business strategies. Our social media Calgary company has the knowledge and experience to provide customized social media and SEO solutions to achieve your goals.